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Mother Land
Tour Program

(Welcome Home)

Mother Land Tour Program (Welcome Home)
Mother Land Tour Program (Welcome Home)
This program matches overseas adoptees with volunteers and forms a group to experience an 8-day-long program filled with activities. The activities include an opening ceremony, Korean culture experiences, volunteering, a 3-day group trip, closing ceremony, etc. The program enables adoptees to experience their homeland in a more comfortable and intimate way, through1-on-1 connections with volunteers. Also, an online space is provided for the adoptees and volunteers participating in the program to get to know and connect with each other through sharing their stories and experiences.
Eligible Participants : 15 overseas adoptees between the ages of 20 and 50
Korean Language Program
Korean Language Program
This program is in association with Kyung Hee University’s language program and supports overseas adoptees to successfully complete a Korean Language course. In addition, college volunteers and mentor services are provided to the overseas adoptees that need support during the language course.
Eligible Participants : 8 overseas adoptees above the age of 18 (first-time Korean language learners are given priority)
Adoption Information Disclosure Service
Adoption Information Disclosure Service
Adoption information is provided to adoptees (Adoptees are able to directly request for the service after the age of 19)
① Adoptee submit application
② Submit application form for Disclosure of Adoption Information in accordance with Article 14 of the Enforcement Decree of the Special Adoption Act (Copy of ID received)
③ Review adoption file and retrieve information on birth parents and adoption background.
④ Request for search of birth parents through Korea Adoption Services, orphanages, and government offices.
⑤ Provide search results to client and provide services to support client to make a decision on whether to proceed with contact.
⑥ Provide contact results directly to the client or through the affiliated overseas adoption agency.